Mastani Mandap

In a Hindu temple, all the cosmic components that produce and maintain life are there, from fire to water, from depictions of the natural world to gods, from genders that are feminine or masculine to those that are everlasting and universal.

Hindu temples take two forms: a house or a palace. The Mastani mandap is our uniquely designed and intricately hand carved square Mandap to combine the feel of a home and the look of a palace.

We used the very best wood craftsmen in India to create a Mandap for your wedding which reflects a synthesis of arts, the ideals of dharma, beliefs, values and the way of life cherished under Hinduism.

The site for a temple is near water and gardens, where lotus and flowers bloom, where swans, ducks and other birds are heard, and where animals rest without fear of injury or harm. These harmonious places were recommended in these texts with the explanation that such are the places where gods play, and thus the best site for Hindu temples.

We bring this vision to life with brass bells, colourful florals, the smell of fresh flowers, hanging birds and lighting to transport you back to a time where the gods are looking over and showering blessings on your big day.

Its your day, the focus is on you, the love is for you and the blessings showered upon you.

Be guarded by this grand palace and let yourself be surrounded by the gods.

We have many more Mandaps within our range, including Adarsha Mandap, Amara Mandap, Arya MandapJai Mala Mandap, Leela MandapNandini MandapNavani MandapSanaya MandapShires MandapSoniya MandapSuriya MandapTree Of Life Mandap  & Vadgama Mandap all of which can be adorned with a multitude of colour ranges to create your very own bespoke wedding.