Tree Of Life Mandap

Stemming from the ancient Vedic religion, Hindus hold great reverence towards nature and believe trees are the origin of life. Trees hold high religious significance in Hinduism.

Trees are a part of samsara, also known as the cycle of life, and rebirth, and why couples choose to start their new journey under the branches of this mandap.

This beautiful mandap brings the wedding ceremony closer to nature. Greenery, florals and an aura of freshness takes you outdoors. The branches adorned with hanging lights, wind chimes and birds ensuring the images portrayed are those of a world beyond the walls of the venue with the sounds of the wind.

As you lose yourselves within this enchanted forest, it brings a new life, a new venture, a new journey for two families becoming one bound by firm roots and the shelter of the tree, giving the newly weds protection for their new lives together.

Furthermore, the banyan tree, otherwise known as the tree of life (Baghban in Hindi), is a symbol of life and fertility. A perfect way for the couple to begin their family.

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