Our Story

Great business ideas stem from personal experience, at Shagun Weddings this was no different.

Following a week long Bollywood style wedding of one of the Founder’s daughters, we sat down one cold November evening and thought;
“If we can do this for our daughter, why can’t we do the same for other couples and their families!”

So, with passion, the vision became real on the 1 January 2016 when Shagun was born!

With a simple philosophy, ‘to treat every wedding as if it is our daughter’s wedding’

From baby steps and humble beginnings in our front room, we have been fortunate enough to have grown to become an established, family business providing stunning wedding décor to the Asian Wedding market.

The Core Team, the owners, consist of family members who bring to the business valuable skills and experience that enable Shagun to provide best in class products and service. The Core Team take pride on daily improvements on the business and being present at every event to ensure service perfection.

Working with us, we are extremely grateful to have a dedicated staff team who love what they do and enjoy creating magical events for our clients.

When you enquire and we meet you, we start our journey of love and support to you through not only dressing your wedding day, but for all matters related to your wedding. After you have entrusted us with one of the most important days in your lives!

At Shagun Weddings our “Why” is more important than our

“How” or “What”.

WHAT we do is our passion. Providing you with the perfect decor setting and personal service for your wedding day.

HOW we do this is our method to make your wedding special, creating an event which will last forever in your memory.

But….OUR WHY is our purpose, our core beliefs and the very reason why Shagun Weddings exists!

The Shagun Weddings’ Why is to fulfill your wedding dreams, to think and feel the way our bride & groom feel.

Our core WHY... ‘to treat every wedding as if it is our daughter’s wedding’