Esha & Simon – Newland Manor – May 2018

“Kiran, Roshni and the The Entire Team!

Words can’t describe how happy myself and Simon have been today!!

Working with you all the past year has been amazing and honestly you took the pressure of big time! Kiran, I still remember the first time I spoke to you about getting a florist and you told me I sounded mega stressed on the phone and that you could help! I’m so happy we took the decision to have you co-ordinate for us.

Myself and Simon never realised just how much work and effort goes into making the big day a success and having you there in the background making sure everything was perfect just made our day ❤

I can’t thank you all enough for you help and hard work this past year! I was blown away the past few days from the level of attention in the decor to how professional and fun you all have been! My love for excel spreadsheets has not grown but I know how to use word like a pro now:) enjoy the day and THANK YOU!

You guys are the best!! Xoxoxoxo”