Hasika & Kapil – Shendish Manor – August 2021

Hello team Shagun!

Sorry we are finally getting around to catching up on all messages.

Just want to thank you for your decor on Friday! Whilst I was running up and down the hotel lobby on Friday morning, I caught a glimpse of the foyer decor, and I could already sense that the decor was going to be what we invisaged @Kiran- don’t worry I didn’t come inside, I followed what I was told 😂😂.

My guests did ping me from inside with messages of ‘love the decor, it looks beautiful’ and I couldn’t have agreed more once. It was a very classic, and elegant look which is exactly what we wanted across both of our events.

I know the pandemic threw us off and created a lot of uncertainty for couples and the industry, but thank you so much for accommodating us @Geeta Mehta – we really appreciate it. Finally got to work with you all after a two year wait! 🙂

Thank you again! X