Kiran & Aman – Fairmont Windsor – Sept 2022

Roshni, team, you all absolutely blew us away. We can’t tell you the sheer amount of joy, pleasure and amazement we felt when we saw the morning decor. It’s like you knew what we were trying to say in all of those meetings despite us not being able to explain exactly what we wanted. You understood and delivered far beyond our expectations and we could not have thought that you would be able to top it…but then the evening came and we got to see the decor in all its glory (before everyone came in) we were left speechless. Satnam had to shout at us for our attention because we were just in awe of the entire room and how you transformed it from an elegant, colourful, vibrant morning ceremony to a clean, crisp, enchanting night time event with AN INSANE VIBE. You saw and understood our vision better than we did. The attention to detail was second to none and we cannot thank you enough… especially @Roshni Patel and @Kiran. Kiran was stress free all day because she knew you just get her and will deliver. Thank you again to the entire team. You made our dreams a reality. Thank you for being a huge part of our special day.

Lots of love

Kiran and Aman