Kiran & Niraj – De Vere Wokefield – August 2022

Hi Roshni and Shagun team…

We are still very much in a bubble, Saturday was quite literally the best day of our lives and you all had a big part to play in that. The civil decor BLEW ME AWAY (and all of our guests too) – it was so beautifully executed! I knew the reception room was being set up from the morning and was avoiding it until our entrance just so I could experience it fully and WOW! I have had non-stop compliments about how stunning it all looked! The welcome sign and guest book table was matched perfectly to the rest of the reception theme and the whole room looked and felt magical ✨💫

I know I was stressed in the days running up about how it was all going to look and work together but I’d been told over and over, trust me Kiran, Shagun will smash it. And my gosh, were they right! I honestly wouldn’t hesitate recommending you to anyone and I just want to say one massive thank you again to all the team who were part of our day, I couldn’t have asked for more 🥺♥️

All our love, Niraj & Kiran