Rahil & Mica – Celtic Manor – April 2022

Hey Roshni, Kiran and the whole Shagun Family ❤️ We are really good thank you and hope you’re all keeping well too.

Really sorry for the late reply as it’s taken us 3 days to recuperate from the wedding – really don’t know how you guys do this every weekend of the year 🙈

Firstly, we would like thank the whole Shagun team for creating the most magical, incredible and spectacular decor. Honestly, we’ve seen you on Instagram, but words cannot explain how breathtaking it is to see it visually in real life. The whole team are an absolute dream to work with!

Secondly, Roshni we would truly like to thank you for your guidance and sheer organisation throughout the whole process. You are a credit to the whole team!!

Kiran we cannot forget about you! Your attention to detail on the day was immense. All Rahil and I could say, on the stage together, was that the symmetry was amazing 🤩 The ruler must have been in full use that day!

From walking onto the mandap, my first reaction was “Wow” I was simply mesmerised! My vision was there right in front of me and this couldn’t have been made possible if it wasn’t for you and the team on the day.

Guys I know we’ve said a lot of thank yous in this message; truly you’ve made our day special. Thank you for being a part of our journey as a couple.

If you ever need anything from our side – a Google review, Instagram posts etc – then please let us know as we would not hesitate to do so!

This confirms you guys are definitely number 1 in the business: we have definitely passed your number to family members who have raved about the flawless decor (both morning and evening) And if it makes you feel any better, the decor got more rave reviews than Rahil’s outfit 😅

Thanks once again guys for exceeding our expectations 💜