Reena & Juhin – Ditton Manor – August 2021

Good Morning Geeta, Roshni, Kiran and the entire Shagun team!

Juhin and I wanted to say the BIGGEST of thank yous to you all for the decor you created for our wedding and reception. I have never known a vision to be brought to life with such great perfection and such execution up until I saw our decor for both events yesterday.

We feel as though we have been on such a rough, bumpy journey with all the chopping and changing for our events but never once have you made things difficult or frustrating. Instead, you listened, helped and cooperated. Everyone was stunned by all of our wedding preparations yesterday and a big thank you goes to you. Juhin and everyone else couldn’t believe their eyes to how amazing it looked and I couldn’t stop telling people that you made my dream come true and if not executed it even better.

We even had a moment where we were grateful to covid as if it wasn’t for that extra time we had and new inspiration and ideas we gathered
together, we wouldn’t of have been able to create what we had yesterday!

I’m in so much awe this morning that I just want to keep walking back down our aisle way and onto our mandap😍.

We hope we will cross paths again and we stay in touch! We will definitely be sending you plenty of pictures as they start to come through.

Lots of love! ❤️