Sureka & Arun – Syon Park Conservatory – April 2022

Thank you so much Geeta, Kiran, Rosh and team. Even from the first meeting with Geeta, she was so interested in my ideas and when I proposed we move a large floral arch from one site to another during canape time, there was always “ we can do it for you” attitude and nothing was troublesome for you guys! I really appreciated you going to length to ensure my vision was met. I was absolutely amazed at how you managed to replicate the mandap flowers from a very pixelated photo I had shared. As for that floral arch, it is the stuff of Pinterest boards! I can’t believe an image I had share from google search became to life, and you made it look so easy to replicate what I had in my mind! It looked amazing. I have so many people send me their video of the conservatory and mandap saying how dreamy my décor was and it all thank to all your hardwork.
I confidently say that if anyone planning an event wants their pinterest board to come alive – no one else other Shagun weddings will be right! Absolute professionals who are incredibly flexible and dedicated. A special thanks to Kiran for bracing the cold to come for my wedding site meeting to ensure everything was perfect on the day! Your passion for the client satisfaction is admirable!
Thank you all and may you all continue to bring more couples’ dream wedding alive. ❤️❤️🤗😍